Nutrient management planning with farmOS

What is farmOS? farmOS is an online record keeping system that allows you to plan and track many types of farm activities on a field-by field, or bed-by-bed, basis.

What is the Nutrient Management Planning module? UVM Extension and the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers’ Association (VVGBA) sponsored the development of this module for farmOS to provide a place to organize the documents necessary for compliance with Vermont’s Required Agricultural Practices (RAP).

For more information, read about this project.

Get started

To get started, register to create a farmOS site for your farm. You only do this once, and it allows you free access to farmOS.

If you forget the URL or username/password to your farmOS site, you can request a link be sent to your email address.


Please contact Becky Maden: rebecca.maden@uvm.edu or 802.773.3349x277.